Global Initiative for Health and Wellness

Board of Directors

  • President PID Bill Iannaccone

  • 1st Vice President PDG Dr. Jun Valera

  • 2nd Vice President PDG James Vargese

  • 3rd Vice President PDG Trudy Nodohara

  • Secretary PDG Donna Price

  • Sergeant at Arms PDG Bhong Garcia

  • Chair Dr. Eleanor Britter

  • Executive Director Dr. Eleanor Britter

  • Co-Executive Director Margaret Lee

  • Co-Executive Director May Seto


  1. International Eye Clinics Dr. Corina van de Pol

  2. Coordinator Jude Martin

  3. Cardiovascular Disease PDG Dr. Jun Valera

  4. Childhood Cancer PDG Helen Casaclang

  5. Diabetes Liz Yulo

  6. Hunger Bill Britter

  7. Vision PDG Mel Phillips

  8. Disaster Relief Dr. Cindy Zheng

  9. Youth/Leos Rodger Cayabyab

  10. Health Missions Yolonda Cayabyab

  • Senior Technologist and Advisor August Valera III

Governing Documents

April 2022 - The GIHW has now been endorsed by The Multiple 4, California Lions. The Arizonia Multiple 21 who was the first to endorse the GIHW and who brought it forward to Lions Worldwide and who has set up all the governing documents from a pilot program to a fully mature program helping hundreds of thousands of people if not millions. Arizona has now passed on the management of the GIHW to the California and will stay on the advisory board to assist.

As such the governing documents will be revised at the June annual meeting to accommodate this change.

Former Board Members

  • PCC Rand Terwillinger, Chairman and President

  • PCC Larry Palmer, Executive VP

  • DG David Pryce, 2nd VP

  • PID Bill Iannaccone, 3rd VP

  • Lion Marlene Dumpit, Co-Exe Director

  • Lion Eleanor Britter, Exe Director

  • PDG Helen Casaclang, Director

  • PP Bill Britter, Director

  • PDG Dr. Augusto Valera, Director

  • PDG Mel Phillips, Director

  • Lion Carina van de Pol, Director

  • Lion Jude Martin, Director

  • Lion Jan Grohe, Director

  • Lion Elizabeth Yulo, Director

  • Lion Davina Collins, Director

  • Lion Stanford Martin, Director

  • Lion Romeo Sepula, Director

  • Lion Angelita Mostasia, Director

  • Lion Mark Casaclang, Director

  • Lion Cindy Zheng, Director